Monday, May 11, 2015

RT and Me

I'm at the Anchorage airport, about to board a flight for Dallas and the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. I'm convinced I don't have enough outfits for five days, and that I will either run out of promo items or no one will want my silly "All of Me" Cracker Jacks. In other words, the usual pre-journey jitters.

If you're in Dallas and would like to say "hey," here's a handy guide for where to find me. I plan to use it myself. So ...

Tuesday May 12 - I mentioned the Cracker Jacks, right? Tuesday evening will find me and some helpful lovely people attaching excerpt booklets to these babies. If you have a driving need to put promo swag together, let me know. I can totally hook you up. You will find this swag in Promo Alley unless it runs out, or no one wants it and I make a big bonfire and call the fire department.

Wednesday May 13 - The First Party. It's very important to set the tone for the entire conference with a few drinks right off the bat. (You didn't hear me say that.) I'll be rocking some cowboy-ish boots at the Taste of Texas Romance Rodeo in the Landmark Ballroom. Yee-haw! (I promise not to say that anymore for the rest of this blog post.)

Thursday May 14 - 11:15 Avon Presents:  A Texas Homecoming Craft-Along. I'm a consultant for a table of crafty people making ... sashes? Corsages? I'm really not sure, but I think it will be a blast. Are you crafty? Please come help! Because I'm not. At all. I can bribe you with ... hmm ... Cracker Jacks?

Thursday May 14 - 7 pm - Avon Books Margarita Mayhem. If you're an Avon Addict or a blogger or anyone who has received an invitation to this cocktail party, I hope to see you there. Avon parties are always fun, and margaritas are fun, as is mayhem. This one can't miss.

Thursday May 14 - 9pm - The Wild West Steampunk Party - Thanks to my friend Boone Brux, I have a costume, so I'm going! Yeehaw! (Oops, sorry.)

Friday May 15 - 4pm Avon's Paris in Texas Cocktail Party - I'll be signing books and sipping wine, which is a dangerous combination that I'm amazed hasn't resulted in disaster before now.

Friday May 15 - 10pm Pitch Perfect 2 Party!! This is a sold-out excursion, so if you signed up on time, I'll see you on the bus! (There's a certain exclamation I could use here, but didn't. You're welcome.)

Saturday May 16 - 10am - 2pm  The Giant Book Fair. Signing books, most likely regretting the wine and late night Pitch Perfect screeching from Friday. Please, please come by and revive me.

Saturday May 16 - 8:30 LizBeth Selvig and I are hosting a private get-together. If you are interested in joining us, let me know and I will send you an invitation.

Sunday May 17 - Zero Dark Ass-Crack of Dawn -Shuttle, airport, back to reality.

Of course I will also be attending workshops, roaming the bar, looking for trouble wearing a cowboy hat, and who knows what else. And I'll try to keep on top of Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all that. (Click the icons to follow.)


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