Sunday, September 30, 2012

Firefighting Gone Wild

After having written three books and a novella about firefighters, I finally feel comfortable writing about structure fires and life at the firehouse. Not so comfortable that I don't consult with a professional, of course. I've mentioned my "fire guru" before (thank you, Rick!!)

But now, for my next fireman book, I'm off on a whole new tangent -- wildfires.  

Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado
One of the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel is about to volunteer to help battle a massive wildfire threatening his hometown in Nevada. And that means I have to learn about a whole new kind of firefighting. I've seen so many news stories about forest fires, wilderness fires, brushfires -- you probably have too. It was a particularly brutal summer in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. You may even have had a close call with one. When I lived in LA, brushfire season brought some scary times. I remember ash particles coating my car, apocalyptic skies, twenty-four hour news coverage.

Battling the Trinity Ridge Fire in Boise National Forest
In recent years, wildfires have gotten bigger and more dangerous. One firefighter told me that fires are behaving in new ways -- the rate of spread isn't predictable anymore. Hotter temperatures and drier hillsides mean that fires will simply leap over the firefighters to the next hill. I'm learning about smoke-jumpers, hotshot crews, pilots and heli-rapellers. Wildland firefighting is fascinating, dangerous, and a source of endless storylines. But boy, do I have a lot to learn! These days, I'm all about the research.

Have you had a close encounter with a wildfire? I'd love to hear about it!

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Monday, September 24, 2012


I've been waiting for this moment for a LONG time. Avon sent me this cover sometime over the summer. I went crazy over it and wanted to share it with the world. But I had to wait until the cover flats were out. Well, now they're out. I don't have to wait another minute to unveil this gorgeous cover.

In my opinion, the Avon art department is just amazing. I've been so happy with all the covers, but this one is extra-special. I love their expressions. Can't you just feel the heat and tenderness between them? (Maybe it's just me.)

Here's the cover copy for SEX AND THE SINGLE FIREMAN, which is Book 3 in the Bachelor Firemen series and comes out on January 29, 2013. The series does not need to be read in order.

There’s a hardnosed new training officer in town, and that’s bad news for the BACHELOR FIREMEN OF SAN GABRIEL … but great news for firefighter Sabina Jones … maybe.

The toughest captain on the East Coast, single father Rick Roman, has come thousands of miles to San Gabriel to put an end to the “Bachelor Firemen” media hype. But when a stunning woman he nearly hooked up with in Reno turns out to be a firefighter from his new station, Roman realizes it’s going to be tough keeping the tabloids at bay.

But there’s even more Sabina isn’t telling him. Before dedicating herself to battling blazes, Sabina led a very different life, one that made her famous. The last thing she wants is to have her secret exposed. The papers, bloggers and TV gossips will have a field day with thatespecially when they sense the obvious sexual heat beween Sabina and Chief Roman, who’s torn between firing her … and falling in love with her!

One last thing: if you'd like a signed cover flat, leave me a comment and email me your address at

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