Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Double-header Release Day!

It's not often that I have two books released in one day! First up, DRIVE YOU WILD, book 3 in the Love Between the Bases series, is out today in both ebook and paperback. The reviews have been phenomenal. Here are a few of them.

They say there is no crying in baseball. Well, Jennifer Bernard threw that myth right out of the ballpark. Not only did I cry, but I balled like a baby. Trevor Stark and Paige Taylor tore me apart and then put me back together again, piece by piece. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures
DRIVE YOU WILD is utter and sheer perfection! What joy it is when an author hits all the right notes with such ease! Jennifer Bernard has woven exceptional characters into a fabulous baseball story, along with a beautiful romance and quite a bit of suspense added to the mix, and makes it work like nobody's business  ~ Fresh Fiction
“DRIVE YOU WILD, the third book in author Jennifer Bernard's LOVE BETWEEN THE BASES series, is an adrenaline-packed, sensual contemporary romance that readers will find nearly impossible to put down.  ~ Romance Junkies
 “Bernard’s Love Between the Bases novels are irresistible fun. What makes this series remarkable is her willingness to challenge readers’ stereotypes and assumptions, resulting in a story that is moving and genuinely entertaining.

 Next up: SEEING STARS!!!
When pop star Starly Minx freezes onstage during a show, she knows what her guilty conscience is telling her. She has to make things right with her nemesis, Hope Falls’ own Karina Black. And she has to do it without the paparazzi finding out. If only she didn’t have to leave behind the man she’s been secretly pining for—her sinfully hot bodyguard Hunter McGraw.

Hunter just turned in his resignation. He desperately needs to get some distance from the distracting, enchanting Starly and get on with his life. But if she’s going to Hope Falls, he’s going after her. Who else is going to keep her out of trouble? And with two feuding pop stars in the same tiny town, trouble is inevitable.

They can deal with the paparazzi. They can deal with the curious Hope Falls residents. But can they keep their feelings secret from each other? Is that even possible when every touch has them seeing stars?
This is a novella in the Hope Falls Kindle World by Melanie Shawn! Reviewers are loving it:

“Everything about SEEING STARS is absolutely delightful” ~ Monique from Goodreads 
“Hunter and Starly can’t resist each other, their attraction was palpable, and the romance felt authentic, and utterly irresistible; Jennifer Bernard wowed me again!”

As a Kindle World novella, this book is available only for Kindle. BUT -- you don't need an actual Kindle. You can download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read on your phone (that's what I do.) :-) 

Wishing you much book love and happy reading!