Monday, March 4, 2013

March Madness -- Alaska Style

Talk about March Madness! When it comes to sports, things get a little strange here in Alaska. Especially at this time of year, when winter has been going ... and going ... and going. Sure basketball's fun, but what about this event from the recently completed Fur Rondy in Anchorage?

Yes, Outhouse Races!

Why aren't these races on national TV, I ask you? The most important rule in this demented event: someone has to be on that toilet seat during the entire race.

Then there's the World Ice Art Competition, which is going on right now in Fairbanks. The sculptures are incredibly elaborate and beautiful, but seriously -- don't you have to be a little crazy to work in below zero temperatures carving ice with a chainsaw?

The madness takes a unique form in certain men. The Alaska Beard Competition is proof of that. Why else would so many fine gentlemen compete for the title of "Mr. Fur Face"? If you think this picture is ... odd ... imagine the photos I didn't post. Believe me, you can't.

And sometimes the madness affects an entire community. Take the Nenana Ice Classic, which is a lottery for guessing the precise minute when the ice will begin to break up on the Tanana river, causing a tripod to crash. Here's a shot from the webcam trained on that tripod all winter long. Bored? Why not check the webcam? Because nothing's more fascinating than watching ice not thaw.

The pool currently stands at $350,000. Last year the winner drilled his own holes in the river ice to study the conditions. That's serious business. Or crazy. I can't decide which.

March Madness? Oh yeah. We've got it bad here in Alaska. I'm so tired of winter, I'm dying to heat things up. Like, maybe with some hot firemen. (How's that for a segue?) In case you don't know me, I write the Bachelor Firemen series about the sexy, smokin' hot firemen of San Gabriel California. I'll give away a signed copy of HOT FOR FIREMAN to one randomly chosen commenter. All you have to do is tell me which Alaska event looks the craziest. :-)

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  1. Outhouse Races! ROFLMFAO! That has got to be the craziest thing I have heard. Love it. Outhouse Races! (still giggling) Yep. That beats basketball. I usually root for the underdogs in the basketball tournament. In an outhouse race, I would root for the poor schmuck stuck on that toilet seat! :D
    Thanks for being part of the March Madness hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. My Dad and I enjoyed watching the Yankee's together; but since he has passed my Mom prefers not to watch sports, including basketball, it isn't a huge loss for me because I would rather be reading anyway! LOL!
    I already follow you in all ways that I can see! LOL! Love your books!
    Thank you for the contest!
    bluebirdsub24 at gamil dot com

    1. I am so sorry for commenting again, but I failed to include the logo

      bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

  3. I have to choose the World Ice Art Competition. I think the sculptures are beautiful, but anyone going out in sub zero temps just to carve ice is crazy.


  4. That looks fun. Thanks for participating in #marchmadness.


  5. I have to go with outhouse races. Anything involving an outhouse is too crazy for me.

    Thanks for the contest.


  6. I'm gonna have to go with Mr Fur Face - why would you do such weird and crazy things to your face/facial hair? 'Cause if that's not the worst that you posted, I'm a litte frightened... ;)

  7. hehe the Alaska Beard Competition :D thats quiet a beard he got going there, gosh I am so glad my husband is not a part of it thought he is letting his lose right now as well, drives me nuts all the facial burns due to the beard

    1. forgot the email :)
      lilypondreads at gmail dot com

  8. Ha, I think it's definitely going to be the Alaska Beard Competition for me. Although, I can't wait to vacation in Alaska next year. Of course, I think I might skip that event. :)


  9. Haha I love the idea of outhouse races with someone on it! That must be soo cold.



  10. My vote's with Nenana--playing chicken with thin ice is not for me! #MarchMadnessHop


  11. I love the outhouse race and wow, good braiding on the beard.
    Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com

  12. I like the world ice art competition..not crazy, but I bet there are some beautiful sculptures. Thanks!


  13. Oh, both the outhouse races and the fur face competition are crazy. I guess I would have to go with the outhouse races because someone has to be on it the whole race....I sure hope they just have to be sitting there, that they can be completely clothed cause if not it might cause damage to certain areas, LOL.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  14. Hi everyone! Thanks for your votes on the craziest Alaska sports! The winner of my giveaway is Z! Z, I'll be emailing you shortly. Happy April!