Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Alaska-style

One of my lovely readers challenged me in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and silly me, I decided -- what a great opportunity to involve my hometown firefighters at Kachemak Emergency Services. I should have seen this coming, since I know how much firefighters like to have fun. Boy, did they get into it! They came up with the crazy idea you're about to see and got a bunch of ice donated by Alaska Ice.

So here's a little taste of how we do things in Alaska -- big and cold.

As you can see, we had fun with it. Greg and Nick from KES Station 1 were awesome. They were so great that I double-donated to ALS.net by way of thanks.

And by the way, I know it looks like I was only under the water for a moment ... but it felt like forever!! That slo-mo section is exactly how it felt to me. Maybe even slower.

Have you taken the Challenge or made a donation to ALS.net? I know many people are tired of seeing the videos in their Facebook feeds and the concept may seem ridiculous to some. But ALS is such a terrible disease that I believe we should do everything possible to fight it. So I was happy to be challenged, happy to donate, and happy to make a fool of myself on video. The goodlooking firemen were just a bonus. :-)

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  1. Way to Go, Jenny! I'm sad there were no shirtless firemen lined up to partake with you, but what you did was amazing & fierce!!!