Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Fireman for Christmas

The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel are getting into the holiday spirit early! The e-book version of
THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME is now available for a special low price of .99 on Kindle and the Nook. 


Barnes & Noble

The Kindle price is part of the "Big Deal Holiday" promotion and will be available until December 24. To be perfectly honest, I don't know how long the Nook deal will last, so if you're a Nook user, don't delay.

Need more reasons to add an ebook of THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME to your shopping list? Here are a few.

Reasons Why Firemen Make Excellent Christmas Presents

1. No need to worry about your Christmas tree catching fire or the lights shorting out. Help is already there.

2. Firemen are used to dealing with malfunctioning chimneys, so if Santa gets stuck, again, help is there.

3. Fire engines are red. Red is one of the colors of Christmas. Coincidence? Who knows?

4. You'll have more fun unwrapping a fireman than any other gift.

5. Firemen are used to cooking for big groups; making Christmas dinner will be a lot more fun with him around.

6. Next best thing to a fireman -- a fun, sexy, romantic book about firemen.

So there you go, all sorts of great reasons to think "firemen" this holiday season. Enjoy!

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