Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Champagne's on Me

The official release date of THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME is April 24, which is this coming Tuesday. However, I've heard reports that it's already available in some bookstores.

So ... I'm not waiting for Tuesday. I'm officially popping the champagne corks now! Please, have a glass on me.


As you may know, THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME is my first book. It's hard to believe this day has finally come, a day I've been dreaming about and working towards for so many years. I'm sending my baby off into the big world, hoping it finds some fun people to hang out with.

Since the champagne is flowing, I'd like to offer a toast to my Alaska critique group, to Alexandra my agent, Tessa my editor, to Rick my fire guru, Brody and Melissa, my hero and heroine that I adore, to my family, and to everyone who feels inspired to read THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME. My deepest gratitude to all ... Enjoy!

Here are a few links to sites where THE FIREMAN WHO LOVED ME is available (or will be on Tuesday!)



Have a wonderful week! If you drink too much champagne, please, call a cab.


  1. I bought this just last night. I am looking forward to reading it. Firemen and romance...what more could you ask for!

  2. Hi Jen! I can't possibly disagree with that. Firemen and romance are perfect match in my book! I hope you enjoy it.